Institute of Hazrat Mohammad (SAW)*
25th April, 2017
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DateTitleDescription Venue
10 Dec, 20075th UAPS African Population ConferenceBarrister Rizwana Yusuf, Director Administration and in charge Legal Department presented a paper titled Cohabitation, Marriage and Remarriage: A religious View'   Arusha , Tanzania
17 Sep, 20073rd Global Conference - Hope: Probing the BoundariesMs. Tanim Laila, Director, Economics division, of the Institute made the representation and presented a paper titled ' The phenomenology of hope. What is this phenomenon that we call hope? How does it live and seemingly thrive in difficult times? How is it sustained?   Oxford , United Kingdom
27 Aug, 2007Twelveth Annual AUSACE International Conference -Communication at the Crossroad of GlobalizationMs. Mahjabeen Khaled, Director Program, represented the Institute and presented a paper on ‘Clash of Civilization'   Rome, Italy
17 Aug, 2007International Waqf ConferenceBarrister Reazul Karim, Director Legal Affairs of the Institute presented a paper on Zakat and Waqf Bank'   Cape Town, South Africa
28 Jul, 2007Unity for PeaceMahjabeen Khaled Hossain, Director Program represented the Institute.   Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
03 Jul, 2007Conference on Theory, Faith , CultureMs. Faatin Haq, Director of the Institute represented the Institute and presented paper on Islam and The West: the realities and Myths Surrounding the Subject of Islamic Threat   Cardiff University , UK
27 Jun, 2007International Conference on 'Globalization, Conflict & the Experience of Localities'Mahjabeen Khaled Hossain, Director Program, make the representation of the Institute and presented a paper on Religion and Globalization at the Conference   Rome, Italy
01 May, 2007International Symposium on Minorities in the Globalization EraBarrister Rizwana Yusuf, Director Administration made the representation and presented a paper titled World Conventions & Minorities Rights   Tripoli , Libya
21 Apr, 2007Islamic Alternatives to Poverty Alleviation: Zakah, Awqaf and MicrofinanceOrganized by Islamic Development Bank, Dhaka. A Paper presentation was made by Dr. Monowar Hossain, Director & Head of Economics Division of the Institute.   IDB, Dhaka
14 Apr, 2007Symposium on Islamic Micro-financeRepresentation of the Institute was made by Dr. Monowar Hossain, Director and Head of Economics Division.   Cambridge, Massachusetts , USA
29 Mar, 2007International Islamic ConferenceOrganized by WICS (World Islamic call Society), Libya . The Head of State of Libya, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi hosted the conference. Mr. Humayun Kabir, Director of the Institute, represented the Institute at the Conference.   Tripoli, Libya
*(SAW) stands for Arabic Sallalahu Alayhe Wasallam (Peace be Upon Him)