Institute of Hazrat Mohammad (SAW)*
25th April, 2017
Interfaith dialogue


Symbolism and Significance of Water in Religion
Ramadan between Folklore and Contemplation
Globalization, Conflict and Religion
Religious worldviews for conflict resolution
Global Media, Islamophobia and its impact on Conflict Resolution
Cohabitation, Marriage and Remarriage: A Religious View
Islam and the West: Bridging the Misconceptions
Inter Religious Cooperation in Peace Making- Key note paper
Effective utilization of our Mosques
Inter Faith cooperation for Social Reform and Global Peace
Pro-intellectuality by H. E. AHMED ATTIA HAMED ELIMAM
Media as a Mediator through the Institution of Religion
Religious Harmony For Conflict Prevention
Countering Religious Militancy through Interfaith Cooperation- An Islamic Perspective
The Co-relation of the Spiritual aspects of Fasting in Ramadan with Culture and Tradition

*(SAW) stands for Arabic Sallalahu Alayhe Wasallam (Peace be Upon Him)