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International Summer School on Human Rights

The Institute of Hazrat Mohammad SAW in collaboration with Knowledge Steez of India and Daffodil International University organised the Summer School on Human Rights 2018 from July 1-5, 2018. Learning organisations LexOration and BOLD joined the initiative as partners. The event took place in the Daffodil University's Dhanmondi Campus. A total of 35 students including 10 International participants took part in the Summer School.

The main motto of the International Summer School was to uphold the significance of human rights and humanity irrespective of caste, creed or religion. It provided a platform for delegates from different countries to learn about human rights. It also provided an international exposure in the field of human rights, CSR, social problems, climate governance & refugee protection.

The very 1st Session was taken by Dr. Mahbubul Islam, Honourable Vice Chancellor of DIU, discussed the effective use of our brain for making positive changes in ourselves as well as to the society.

2nd Session Dr. Kavita Singh, Associate Professor of Law, Kolkata, deliberated on several examples of human rights violations & also proposed some recommendations in the light of laws on how we can we ensure juvenile justice by making a change in the infrastructural systems.

3rd Session Barrister Rizwana Yusuf: highlighted one of the most burning issues which is prevailing in Bangladesh that is refugee and migrants. She also proposed a remarkable solution like employing refugees in sick industries and converting them into human capitals.

4th Session: Dr. Rumana Islam, Lecturer from Dhaka University, discussed about CSR and its implications in brief.

5th Session: Mr. Niteesh Upadhyay, Founder of Knowledge Steez India, discussed about breaking stereotypes & ways of ensuring gender equality.

6th Session: Barrister Hamidul Misbah, spoke about bridging the gap between human rights and intellectual property rights.

7th Session: Prof. Dr. Farhana Helal Mehtab, Associate Dean, Daffodil International University, discussed about prevailing social problem and violations of human rights to the people with disability & means to overcome it.

8th Session: Ms. Mrinalini Banerjee, discussed about human rights in business. She gave the participants a case study on the Rana Plaza Tragedy.

9th Session Ms. Arpeeta Shams Mizan, Lecturer, University of Dhaka detailed about gender discriminations that are prevailing in our society and how can we ensure equity and justice by changing our social perspectives.

10th Session Mr. Pankaj Avasthi, Associate Professor, G. D. Goenka University, Gurgaon, India delivered a comparative analysis of Hindu Law and Muslim Law on matters concerning human rights.

The Summer School ended with a befitting Certificate Giving Ceremony which was attended by Madam Justice Naima Haider, Honorable Judge of High Court Division, Supreme Court of Bangladesh as the Chief Guest. Pro Vice Chancellor of Daffodil International University Prof. Dr. S. M. Mahbub Ul Haque Majumder, Professor Dr. Farhana Helal Mehtab Associate Dean, Faculty of Humanities and Social Science from Daffodil International University, and Barrister Rizwana Yusuf, Director, Institute of Hazrat Mohammad SAW and Lt.Gen. (Retd.) M. Nooruddin Khan, President of Institute of Hazrat Mohammad SAW was the Chair of the Closing Ceremony.

Madam Justice Naima Haider applauded the organisers for holding the very first Summer School on Human Rights in Bangladesh. Such an event will stimulate deliberation and exchange of knowledge on human rights and its manifestation in so many areas such as women empowerment, children's rights, migration, climate change, labour law and workers' rights. She urged the organisers to continue this platform for creating awareness on humanity and human rights.

The spontaneous participation of the participants in collaboration with the constructive sessions taken by the expert professionals greatly contributed towards making the International Summer School on human rights 2018 a Success.


Venue:Daffodil International University



*(SAW) is acronym for 'Sallalahu Alayhe Wasallam', which means 'Peace be Upon Him'.